Deep down men want a safe place to share and be honest. I’ve done other groups, but none has gone as deep as PeaceMakers. It’s not just one night a week. We do life together.

First, I felt I had to come to group then I realized I needed to come and now I’m grateful that I get to come.

Something I’ve taken away has been the concept of doing the right thing for the wrong reason. If I’m focused on how people will react to me doing something, then I know I’m doing it for the wrong reason.

I came because I wanted to be a better husband and what prompted me was seeing the growth in a friend that had been attending for a year.

I wish I had come to PeaceMakers 6 months prior to the day I came. Maybe the relationship wouldn’t have survived, but at least the hurt would’ve stopped earlier.

My wife is my partner and not my enemy. For so long I felt she was against me.